When you gonna ring it?

Det kan man da ikke andet end at blive i godt humør af! Trommerne giver mig totalt lyst til at danse rundt i stuen! Hav en god dag, nu må jeg hellere få lettet rumpetten og få lavet noget fornuftigt...

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  1. Hi, you're always having some nice shoes posts here on your blog! I was eondering if you could maybe suggest me any online stores that sell Vagabond or Gardenia shoes... Thank you!!

  2. Hi, thanks a lot, yeah, really like the danish brand Gardenia and its "sister" brand Shoebiz. They make affordable nice shoes in good quality.

    There´s several stores selling these brands:



    (this one sends abroad...)

    Sorry, but I don´t know of an onlinestore selling Vagabond. Used to know one, but they don´t sell that particular brand anymore.

    Btw I really love your blog, very inspiring:)